Frequently Asked Questions

What is Watch+

A platform that associates a physical timepiece to a representative NFT; facilitating improved trust for watch owners, and an immutable record for the watch. This record allows owners and prospective buyers to explicitly assess the condition and value of each individual timepiece.

Our goal is to make purchasing and caring for a timepiece as seamless and transparent as possible. Enrolling in Watch+ provides all the certified care and service a watch will ever need.

Can I get an NFT of my Watch without sending it in?

No. The NFT is created to be an EXACT DIGITAL DOUBLE of your individual timepiece after it has been properly profiled and enrolled.

What happens to my NFT if I sell my watch to someone outside the network?

A new owner can easily claim the representative NFT and renew the membership upon expiration. The Watch+ Membership and all included benefits will continue as normal even after transfer of ownership.

Keep in mind, the Watch+ membership lives with its respective timepiece; the owner of the timepiece reaps the benefits.

How do you ensure the timepiece is not tampered with outside the network?

Every timepiece is marked and photographed with a hidden tamper deterrent. If a timepiece shows signs of tampering, it will prompt further investigation and possible voided membership at the discretion of the investigating service partner and Watch+. Repeat offenders will be banned from all Watch+ related activities indefinitely.

Our goal is to make purchasing and owning a timepiece as transparent and simple an experience as possible.

How is this “forgery proof?”

Through the application of blockchain technology, the NFT of your timepiece is created to exist at a specific “block” (address & time) on the blockchain which contains content that cannot be moved, changed, or edited in any way.

You will never see an NFT of an enrolled timepiece anywhere outside the Watch+ network, or with information inconsistent with that displayed on the Watch+ network. Never be uncertain about the condition or authenticity of a pre-owned timepiece again.

The Watch+ network ensures that your timepiece will never be handled in questionable or strange means.

Eliminate the chance for counterfeits or unoriginal parts.

Know the certified watchmaker working on your timepiece no matter where you may stop for service, worldwide.

Track your timepiece every step of the service process, and track EXACTLY what was done during every service.

Will the NFT of my watch still exist after its Watch+ membership expires?

Yes, but you will not be eligible to receive discounts on service, or access products and events exclusive to active Watch+ members if you do not renew your membership. When you list your timepiece for sale, it will also be listed as “inactive” and therefore not have the same credibility as a recently verified timepiece.

Why does my watch need to be sealed and pressure tested?

Some modern watches are designed to meet various levels of water resistancy.  Even if your watch was manufactured to that standard, the seals that establish water resistance need to be maintained.  The gaskets and seals that keep the watch watertight decay over time. This allows moisture to penetrate the case.  It is imperative to change those seals in any watch that is exposed to excessive moisture on a regular basis.

How often do I need...

Considering Daily Wear

FREE Ultrasonic Cleanings - every 2 to 4 months

FREE Reseal and Pressure Testing - every year

FREE Battery Replacement - every 18 to 24 months