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Ensure the integrity and health of your timepiece in perpetuity.

Why enroll your watch?

When was your watch last serviced? Was it serviced by a Certified Watchmaker?

Did you receive original parts and manufacturer standard service, or the generic version?

Did you receive a full report on the status, condition, history, and value of your timepiece?

Was your service FREE or DISCOUNTED up to 25% off?

If you love your timepiece, and are unsure about any of these questions, we encourage you to enroll today!

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The Enrollment Process

  1. Visit our Membership Page where you can find detailed information about what a Watch+ membership includes, and why this is where your watch should always get serviced.
  2. Drop off or ship your watch to Swiss Precision Service Center in NYC after you've purchased your Rose Gold or Platinum membership online or on site.
  3. Our Certified Watchmakers will create an in depth profile for your timepiece complete with 40+ data points, photographs, estimated value, and a service ledger. You will receive a metal certificate connected to your individual timepiece, and be able to view your full watch profile any time through our platform.
  4. Get FREE, DISCOUNTED, and most importantly, CERTIFIED service whenever you need, and wherever you are using the Watch+ service network.

    Free and discounted service from CW21 Certified Watchmakers within our network of premier service centers worldwide.


    Transparent prices and practices, prompt communication, and detailed service history ,is just part of what you get while your timepiece is in our care.

    Let's raise the industry standard!


    Join a growing community of fellow watch enthusiasts and certified watchmakers through our Discord.

    Learn about becoming a Watch+ Insider.

Luxury Watch ServicesRegular PriceWith Watch+
Ultrasonic Cleanings$45Free
Bracelet Sizing$35Free
Battery ReplacementsUp to $50Free
Reseal and Pressure TestingUp to $50Free
Inspection, Verification of Authenticity$120Free
Refinishing $500Up to 25% off
Complete Service with 2 year Extended WarrantyUp to $1200Up to 25% off
RestorationUp to $4000Up to 25% off
Detailed Service History within the Watch+ Verified Service Network-Watch+ Logo
Priority Access to Plus Shop & Events-Watch+ Logo
Priority Access to Watch+ Insider Activities & Presale-Watch+ Logo