Michael Oransky - Founder & CW21 Watchmaker

I am an independent CW21 Certified Watchmaker, and owner of Swiss Precision Watchmaking Service Center in NYC. I studied at The Lititz Watch Technicum for 2 years and have since completed many unique training and certifications. To name a few, I’m certified by Swatch Group, housing brands like Omega & Longines, Richemont Group housing brands Cartier & Panerai and independent brands like Audemars Piguet. I’ve completed specializations in Repairing Chronographs & Split Second Chronographs. I’m a member of AWCI and the Chronometer Club.

We strive to bring transparency and convenience to an industry which has been flooded with counterfeits, and below standard service practices. With that goal in mind, I could not be more proud to bring Watch+ to the world.

Shawn Vaynberger - Founder & CEO

I am a self taught entrepreneur who graduated from Baruch College NYC with a BA in Business Communications. While in college, I worked at a local Footlocker, and quickly picked up the sneaker resale market. I was fortunate to have been introduced to my first resale communities on Twitter and Slack, which soon evolved to the flourishing Discord communities we work in today. I’ve sold products from too many categories to list, and learned to navigate every major selling platform you could name.

Since the rise of crypto currencies and NFTs I’ve always been a huge advocate of function & application over collection & trading. It became a goal of mine to bring forth a project which encompasses all the best elements from this vast space. Michael and I are working hand in hand to bring you the most valuable, intuitive, and seamless experience possible. If you own a watch, are interested in learning about watches, or are interested in buying and selling watches, we built this for you. It is our honor to present Watch+ to an industry that really needs it.